Monkey Burgers

This was quite a different job, food photography assignment for Monkey Bar in Chamonix. 

Doing such different genres in that first year, after officially setting myself up as a photographer, was surely very creatively stimulating and fun.

Food photography is such a big genre on of its own. You can spend an entire day perfecting one shot and all the details, styling the ideal, one and only, burger. Here the task, to document the entire menu, was slightly grander and under time constraint. 

With my main ideas, I wanted to fit into Monkey Bar vibe: funky, vibrant, colourful, effortlessly cool. As the bar is quite dark, and we only started at 4pm, there were very limited natural lighting opportunities. I brought some additional lighting: Profoto Flash with a softbox and a grid, and my colorful LED. I also wanted to make most of the great space in there, the art, the lights. These are my few favourite shots.