Run The Alps - Womens Trip

Back in July, I got the opportunity to step in as a photographer for Women's Trail Camp with Run the Alps and The North Face's athlete Meg MacKenzie. Without a moment of hesitation, I said yes!

I didn't actually imagine it would mean not only doing the reportage photography but also doing a proper workout with my heavy camera bag on my back (starting at the bottom of Mt. Envers, traversing Balcon Nord, and all the way down back to Chamonix). I first considered taking the train up and meeting the ladies on their way up, but the assistant guide encouraged me to go along the whole way, as they will be stopping a lot, and won't be so fast... apparently :D They were fast for sure! Anyways here's what I captured in between the running ;)

Sadly, it was a "no views" day, but that's just life.

1st of July, 2022